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This is a poem from a Collection of love poems “Light of mind”.
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A romantic afternoon

Let me tell you

what I should have to a long ago

Let me say and

do not interrupt the words

Do not stop the transit of the planets

suitable for love

Listen to me by your eyes,

sighs, blinks and just keep quiet.

Let me give you a hug,

do not resist a gentle Moon and Taurus

that firm and safe embrace

which is making beautiful, soft,

landscapes in faintly sunlight,

in a rainbow embrace,

in an imperfect afternoon ahead.

Do not be afraid,

I embrace you tenderly,

but in a way as if bones breaking strongly.

In the amount of untold love,

in an amount which is detectable

by the strength of the result

of the need to like

the love and not a person.

You’re blinking?

Saying nothing?

But maybe you wanted to…,

but, yet, be silent and let soft drops flow silently,

do not disturb June rain of astrological Gemini’s

let them fall, drizzle, in a return, twice,

and feel all its passion, flavor and longing,

feel her strength on my chest,

feel how the ground is being soaked by it,

changing the color, humor,

and do not be the one of those

who only get wet from the rain,

do not be intimidated,

but love me with you body,

notions, touches, laugh, juices and tears

but only be quiet and love like a midnight dew

prepared of dreamy Neptune water.

Love, whatever it may be,

happy, sad, filled or not,

it always hurts if we sincerely love,

but I do not care whether, tomorrow,

the prints of your lips on the body will sting

but I’m afraid of the idle walk on the Moon,

this same new Moon which

it’s now cuddling in my wavy sea,

I’m afraid of time that doesn’t wait,

and slides to the rhythm of jazz at the top of the heart,

I’m afraid of the uniqueness of this moment

in the romantic afternoon of melancholy sun.