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When Eros, the God, comes down to Earth to make young lovers happy giving him the love it’s a very nice thing. You like it! It sounds good, isn’t it? But when it eventually, almost insensibly starts changing, the love itself becomes something darker, weirder?
Sofia Kovach, a fragile girl at first sight, with a name of steal, a young student of the Criminalities with a restless spirit. She likes the job of the detective, but what made her go on the quest before she finished her studies? Was it a random encounter with her past and cognition that her only love was in danger, or was it the matter of life and death?
While trying to find out the truth, Sofia keeps fighting to get away with all the challenges in the exotic land of Greek Gods. The professor Miletic, from her college, helps her in revealing the mystery, and his unusual and direct behavior confuses a lot of inspectors from Belgrade, as well as her friend Dimitris that becomes a part of this adventure.
The scents of the sea, sandy beach, the love twists, are taking Sofia into the events she never thought she’d be in… From the mysterious disappearance of her Jovan, over the Aegean sea right to the fields of violets, the road to the goal is rocky, and the keys of this unresolved mystery are held by only one person. Eros!
So, who is Eros? The air that smells of iodine and clamshell is filled with blood that consists of toxic particles, conspiracy, smuggling and massacres…
This is the story of the exciting mystery plots in the beauty of the mysterious Balkans. You’ll get shivers because surprises are behind every corner… They’re may be behind you. Turn around!