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A romantic status


The sky is slowly flowing,


is being filled with

new transit of the Moon,

a drop of wine

sliding down the glasses,

candles are burning,

soft music,

dim lights,

your eyes fixed on mine,

the encounter of you sights,

the encounter of two universes

in one breath.



“The light of mind” is a Collection of erotic love poems dedicated to those who are romantics who love to love and who read at the stars. The songs are in Serbian and English language.

The lyrics are descended from the infinite universe, and as such have been created just for lovers` eyes, lips, fingers … This genuine emotion located in 33 poems, he describes the culmination act of love in point G, but look to the sky and stars as vigilant each breath our.

Read the Collection and find uniqueness own emotions. . . And remember everything that happens in the sky felt on the Earth. Enjoy in love!


Izdavač: Ana Berbakov

Prevod: Maja Blagojević

ISBN 978-86-920459-3-6

Autor: Domaći

Jezik: Srpski i Engleski

Žanrovi: Poezija

Brojstrana: 95

Pismo: Latinica

Povez: Mek

Format: 21 cm

Godina izdanja: 2020., II izdanje


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