About me

Ana Berbakov (alias Anee) is a Serbian writer of crime novels. She was born on the 18th of July 1985 in Kruševac. She begins her career with novels about Sofia Kovač, a wise detective who becomes Anna’s serial character and a seal.

She has graduated e-commerce and PR at Industrial Management in Kruševac, and besides writing, she is engaged in painting and marketing. During her education, she worked in various fields, from printing and photography to tourism and PR management.

About Anna’s literary works

She has been writing since the age of 11, but since the age of 23 her professional career begins by publishing  poems on the Poetry SRB portal. It was the ticket to the world of established writers. After a year, she became a correspondent and associate to the regional cultural magazine Putevi kulture (Roads of Culture)” published by the Kruševac Cultural Center, and several works were published in the daily newspaper Pravda “(“Justice”), the Belgrade lifestyle magazine Avant Art Magazine”, the magazine for culture “TOK” , and the poetry collection Cvet” (“ Flower ”). Since 2010 she has been a member of the humanitarian organization “Darujmo reč” (“Let’s Gift  a Word”), which deals with the donation of books to school libraries. From 2010 to 2012, she successfully published travelogues and short detective stories about Commissioner Laki (Komesar Laki) in the Kruševac newspaper “Grad”. The period from 2013 to 2016 was very successful, as her literary works have won multiple awards and recognitions.

Prizes and awards:

  • Radio Television Kruševac and Radio – The Environmental Organization “Bela Breza” (“White Birch”) in 2013 awarded Anna Berbakov for the results achieved at the literary competition on the theme “St. Trifun and Valentine’s Day” for the song “Pesma o grožđu” (“A song about grapes”);
  • In the same year, the Organizing Committee “Dani vina” (“Wine Days“) in Trešnjevica awarded her the Diploma for winning the 1st prize at the “Best Wine Song” competition;
  • Literary Club “Bogoljub”, Jasika and the Serbian-Russian Friendship Society “Orthodoxy” Kruševac, 2013, awards Ana with a Diploma for winning the 3rd prize in the “Ljubav i Smisao(“Love and Meaning”)  literary competition in the adult category for the “Slani kikiriki(“Salted Peanuts”) story. This is one of Anna Berbakov’s stories which are not detectives ones.
  • In 2013, the non-detective story “Poljubac” (“Kiss“) won first prize by the audience voting  at the  “Brazil in 365 words” contest (“Brazil u 365 reči”) , announced by the Latin American Heritage Society and the Serbian-Brazilian Friendship Society.
  • In the mid of 2015, at the contest for the second cycle of the crime-storyPod lupom”(“Under the Magnifying Glass”) , which featured writers from the entire region, Anna’s crime story Shadowed” (“Osenčeni”) was proclaimed the best story in genre literature in the region. And that is her favorite recognition.
  • At the Contest “A Step Written by a Pen(“Korak ispisan perom”) by Professor Jovan Djordjević, Ana’s story “In vino veritas” enters the book of the most beautiful travelogues of local authors.
  • In 2015, the Kruševac Cultural Center awarded her the Diploma for successfully completing the first year of acting, in the adult category.
  • Wine Diploma for participation and results achieved at the poetry contest The Most Beautiful Wine Song in 2017 Ana receives from the Literary Club “Moravski tokovi” from Trstenik for the song “Wine and Olive” (“Vino i Maslina”).
  • Drama and poetry section of the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja at the end of 2018, awards Ana Berbakov a Thank – You –  Note for the cooperation and contribution in the work of the section.
  • In the same year, from the Cultural Center Kruševac, she received a Thank-You – Note for participating in the adult poetry competition “Poet of My Nation,” at which she was appointed to be the most original performance of the song “Yugoslav”.
  • For the “Konkretno” portal, she writes actively and successfully during 2016 and 2017 on the subject Law of Attraction and Power of the Subconscious. She marked the same period with journalistic works, having done a few interviews with celebrities, but very soon she gave up and returned to prose.


  • In October 2013, the first edition of Operation Eros was published by IK Admiral Books, which is sold in a very short period of time. After a very successful promotional activities, the audience nominated her Serbian Agatha Christie.
  • After terminating the cooperation with  Admiral Books, Ana turns to her own publishing house. That year, for the first time, she appeared independently at the International Book Fair in Belgrade under the name “A Stand of a Writer” (“Štand jednog pisca”). With the publication of the second edition of the novel “Operation Eros” and the bilingual (Serbian / English) collection of poems “The Light of Mind”(“Svetlost Svesti”), in September 2015, she started her own publishing house “Caesar books“. She names her own Publishing House after his dog Caesar, ans he is  considered  as the co-owner of this creative idea.
  • Not planning to continue writing about her first novel heroine named Sofia Kovač’s , at the urging of a friend, in October 2016, Ana published the sequel to her first novel, titled “Diamond Dust”(“Dijamantska Prašina”).  Not for long, in 2017, she wrote and published her third novel, “Cassiopeia’s Curse” (“Kasiopejina kletva”), in which Sofia Kovač becomes a serious serial character of Anna’s crime novels, and the novel is widely noticed by the audience.
  • At the end of 2018, Ana became a member of the Writers Association of Serbia (UKS).
  • In 2019, she pauses in writing a new novel, because she devotes herself to preparing a Monograph for the Company where she is currently employeed (PUC Vodovod), and on the occasion of significant anniversaries – 40 years since the formation of Lake Ćelije on the Rasina River and 35 years since the construction of a Water Treatment and Water Production Plant in Majdevo. For the first time she puts the stamp of the editor. At the end of the year, she is working on the renovation of Vodovod Magazine, where she also signs as one of the editors.
  • During the same year in Rome, her poems were included in the 21st Anthology of Poems “M ‘illumino d’ immense”. Anna continues to write and paint.

About Anna’s painter’s works

In painting, he does almost as well as she does in writing. She loves bright colours, pop art, Cubism, Dadaism, Minimalism and all modern styles. She did a series of paintings of zodiac signs, landscapes, various elements in combined technique. From 2015 to 2017, she paints a series of cats in various colours, shapes and details, whose style is called “Catism”.

Prizes and awards:

  • At the International Competition in Austria Internationaler Kinder – und Jugendbuchwettbewerb “Auf Schmetterlings- und Schwanenflugeln” 2015, Anna Berbakov’s art works are among top 10 best works. The works called 7 Magnificent”(“7 Veličanstvenih”) represent miniatures of seven old timers, in technique – acrylic on impregnated canvas. This placement is also the first best placement of artists from the Balkans in this competition.
  • The year 2016 will be remembered as an entrepreneurial year in which Ana, inspired by cats, also launches her brand called Cat Corner, that is an assortment of clothing and other objects with prints of the author’s paintings (cats / cat style). In 2016 and 2017, the entire Cat Corner range was exhibited in the Serbian Bookstore of the Official Gazette at the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade – range: sweatshirts, T-shirts, badges, postcards, calendars, mugs. The idea of ​​“Cat Corner” was ideated as a gift addition that Ana launches with her books.
  • She launches the idea of ​​”Cat Corner” under the name “Fat Cat” at the Artzept International Design Contest 2016, hosted by Zepter International. Her work is included in the design catalog of all participants in this competition. “Fat cat” is a cat-shaped mirror / table design.
  • When in June 2016, MINI Serbia and Mikser House invited interested artists, designers, street artists and all other creatives to join this year’s Mixer Festival action and create “MINI Mixer”, the official vehicle of the Mikser Festival, the design of Ana Berbakov won first prize, and the winning idea was transferred onto one authentic MINI Cooper SD.
  • In mid-2017, Business Incubator Center Kruševac and Creative Business Innovation Generator awards recognition to Ana Berbakov, as the founder of the Cat Corner Brand for participation and cooperation in the development of innovation plans, in the category of product innovation for the most original design of Mini Cat Cooper.

Motto: Never give up!